Oliver Chiriac


Elena Moisidis

Vice President

  • Elena is a Junior at Lynnfield High School.
  • She believes education is the most important thing for an individual.
  • Loves to draw, play tennis and volleyball, and hang out with friends.
  • Enjoys watching soccer and her favorite team is FC Barcelona.
  • Elena wants to become a dermatologist and her dream is to study at Cornell University.

Mark Chiriac


  • Top Honors Junior at West Windsor Plainsboro High School North, who balances his time to optimize success in both sports and academics.
  • GPA:4.6, unadjusted GPA: 4.0; SAT: 1580
  • Played in international competitions in Sweeden (2016), Spain(2017), Ireland (2018) and England (2019) as part of the Olympic East Region National Team, and Milstone United Club Team, ranked #1 in USA, #1 in the Eastern USA, and #1 in NJ.
  • Varsity School Soccer player - see news here.

Ashwin Menon

Business Development

  • Ashwin is a freshman at Drexel University working towards his Bachelor of Science focused towards Data Science
  • Member of the Robotics team for 4 years.
  • Played the Saxophone for 6 years.
  • Member of the Badminton Club
  • Concert Band for 4 years.
  • Model U.N for 4 years.
  • Member of National Language Service Corps (NLSC).

Jesse Smith

Graphic Design

  • Jesse Smith is a Senior at West Windsor Plainsboro High School North.
  • Jesse has always been an artist, his talent comes naturally.
  • During his Sophomore year of high school, his design of two hands coming together to form the letter H in HasToday was chosen as our Logo for the website.
  • Jesse plans to pursue Graphic Design in college.

Liviu Chiriac


  • Liviu passionately works with the HAS Today National Student Council and the Board to shape the roadmap of the organization.
  • Over a decade of volunteering on the board of the West-Winsdsor Plainsboro Soccer Association, involvement with Bloomberg Philantropy, Princeton Communiversity and Make-A-Wish foundation.

Theodor Moisidis

Vice President

  • Theodor has been appointed to the Board on July 12, 2016 and without him our organization would not be what it is today.
  • He believes education is essential to good citizenship and, through education, people contribute to their community and their country.
  • Theodor has a daughter, Elena, and enjoys travelling, skiing and playing sports.
  • Theodor completed his mechanical engineering studies magna cum laude at the University Polytechnic of Bucharest. After coming to United States, he received his Masters Degree in Engineering Management from Northeastern University.
  • Currently Theodor is the Head of Engineering at Curtis Industries in Worcester, Massachusetts. Prior to this, he held various engineering management positions at Lytron Inc, where he holds three patents and spent 14 years developing expertise in engineering, product development, sales, marketing and manufacturing thermal management solutions for medical, aerospace and transportation industries.
  • On the non-profit experience side, for the last 12 years, Theodor held different positions in the Parish Council at Saint Parascheva Romanian Orthodox Church in Wakefield, Massachusetts, including being Vice President from 2010 through 2012).

Meredith Maggiacomo


  • A current NJ resident, Meredith has been volunteering since her children were very young. She has volunteered in many ways in their school, ranging from Volunteer Coordinator for special events, Chairing a 20th Anniversary special event, and being a class parent.
  • In her spare time her passion for basketball, which started when she began playing in 6th grade, has developed into another volunteer opportunity. She is currently on her third year as League Director for a local basketball organization which she also coaches one of her son’s in.
  • Originally from Lafayette, IN, Meredith received her BS in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Purdue University. She values the education she received from Purdue and believes Hastoday’s mission is invaluable for today’s students.

Sundeep Kumar


  • As Treasurer, Sundeep oversees the financial details of the organization.

Florin Birsan

Director of Technology

  • Brings together technology, usability and security.

Camelia Chiriac

Director at Large

  • With vast experience working at Princeton University, BMS, Merck, and startup companies in the New Jersey area, Camelia brings fresh ideas to the organization, and takes on anything that is needed.

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